Wednesday, October 7, 2009


onions from flea market vendor
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Construction is done.
I sent in the paperwork to BofA. Got to wait to get the last payment.
My mom moved in over the weekend with her two dogs.
The new washer will be delivered 10-20

This morning I walked outside to see the telephone line got pulled out of the house from the tree. It has been pretty windy. Dick called At&t. The guy came out same day and fixed it.

Knitting has been off and on. I'm working on a alpaca sweater for my mom's little dog, another Baktis Lace Scarf.

This weekend, We are sanding and painting the laundry closet.
We are also going to see Zombieland with my brother on Sunday. I heard it was really good!

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Kris Wales said...

That's great news -) I bet the guys did a fabulous job.

I would imagine you're also looking forward to not having to go to the laundrymat!