Thursday, September 10, 2009

i hate you,

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I am so annoyed. I called BofA again to see the status of my 203k. Everytime I seem to call, I get a different answer. So this time I call and talk to Maribell. She tells me they didn't even receive my shit and it would be another 10 day. WTF! I blew up. I asked to talk to a manager. She took down my number.
I went to lunch..... chilled out for 30 mins. I called back.....
I just talked to Sharon yesterday and she said they are setting it up and will mail out a check next week
Now the story is:
They didn't send all the paperwork. Carrol (manager) is rushing everything through and I'm supposed to call/email on Monday.
Our contractor called Tuesday night. He will be out on vacation til Monday. He really wants to get this over and done with and so do i....
I need a heater. I'm upset.

Edit: While at knitting tonight; Carrol from Bank of America called. My check will arrive on tuesday. Damn skippy!!!!

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Kris Wales said...

Wow. I'm glad you finally got a good response, but am sickened that this process after closing went down like this.

I'm going to talk to Mike the next time someone wants to do the 401K and see if he can broker it through a company that does not sell it prior to the repair funds being dispersed.

Nicole, I'm so sorry this happened.