Thursday, October 22, 2009

Carol from BoA

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Carol from BoA called me yesterday. I googled my ass off looking for a direct line to her. I found it on message boards. 805-577-5213 for anyone having trouble getting a hold of anyone at the 203k department. She informed me that the person who was handling my account has been on a leave of absence. Nothing has been done with my account. She is "rushing" the request for my title. What a Crock. My account has been transferred to Kandie at extension x4316. It seems that nothing gets done til I call...... I'll call again Friday.

My washer & dryer came in! It fits in the closet!! YAY!!!!!!
I sat in front of the washer the whole time. I washed it, just in case it failed. My mom took a picture of me.... Sent it to my grandma. she called and couldn't stop laughing at me.

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Kris said...

This is beyond ridiculous. BofA is past the "dropping the ball" stage. Somehow I think if you missed a payment they'd be all over you..yet they aren't taking care of things in a timely manner for you.