Friday, December 5, 2008

How Fricken Cute!

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I came down stairs this morning to heat up my car. I stood on the porch to see that cute message written on my car. AWww. Dick can be so cute sometimes. Shh don't tell anyone!

I had fun at knitting last night. I plied some brown sparkly angora/wool on my bfd spindle. Finished a dishcloth & worked on my blue socks.

I am still not sick yet. For now..... I think i might be jinxing myself.

I started a new spinning project on Wednesday. The Raisin Wannabe Shetland from the Spunky Club. I read the article on fractal spinning. I'm almost finished with the 1st half. Tonight I will make a bigger dent in that pile.

I will have pic's of my new FO's on Saturday. I get to finally play with my new canon 590is woohoo!


Shorty said...

You are right, he is too fricking cute! And I'm so jealous. lol

Coley said...

hhahaha... Usually I get profanity written on my driver side window.