Sunday, December 7, 2008

I love red meat

I had such a good time last night. Our friends Mike & Cherie came over. We made Venison Fajitas for dinner. We didn't have time to take a picture since we inhaled it too fast!!

I finished a couple Xmas gifts.
A hanging dishcloth for Dick's Mom.
Made a Hammock for Fluffy.
Spun yarn for Dick's fingerless mitts

I am getting pretty close to finishing my vineyard sweater. I am very glad I ripped out the gray body and knit it up in brown. I have the sleeves to knit and I am all finished.

I tried my hand at spinning angora. I've been hording 1oz of 100% angora for 3 years. I've been to scared to spin it. Last weekend I drove right in, 68yards 2ply. I am pretty happy with it. I didn't even getting itchy while spinning.

Here is my latest spinning project.
Spunky Club's November Fiber
"Raisin Wannabe" Shetland

I read the article for fractal spinning last weekend. It looked really interesting. I spun the first bobbin by breaking off sections about 6-7" long, then spli
Save as Draft
tting it into 4 section. The 2nd of I am spinning the full length. Ugh, I got a lot of predrafting ahead of me today.

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