Wednesday, December 3, 2008


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This week is going pretty good. I was a lil cranky yesterday, but I'm over it now.

I'm knitting dishcloths like crazy! Everyone is getting dishcloths this year.
My dad asked for socks for Xmas. He's never asked for anything knitted for Xmas before. I have the perfect yarn for him... Black & Maroon stuff I have in my stash.
The glasses I ordered for Dicky are coming in today. His glasses are so scratched up. I have no clue how he can see anything. Same ole black plastic dork frames. He looks so cute in them.
I impulse bought a camera on "cyber Monday" A canon 590IS. Free Shipping & a 4G SD card.
I will have to play with it tonight and this weekend. It's really pretty.

Last night, I feel asleep on the couch wrapped around the dog. Imagine him sleeping with his head on my lap. Then I fell over and was curled up behind him sleeping with my head on his butt. I'm so glad he didn't have gas!!! Dick got home at 10:15pm
waking me up.

This past weekend a bunch of us Spinners went to the spinning loft in Howell. I bought my Xmas gift that Dick will be giving me. I got a pretty darning egg and some hand dyed wool colorway "third eye". I bought some stuff for me just because. I picked up some cotton & some merino wool to match stuff I bought the last time I was there. We also drove to Lake Orion to Heritage. I bought an older copy of spin-off and some fingering wool for stranded mittens.
Lunch was awesome. Killian's & a grilled ham and cheese. Drool!

Oh, the pic above.
That my living room. I was playing with the panoramic feature.
Very cool. I'm loving this new phone. I can listen to all my podcast's during work now. My old mp3 player is slowly dieing. It does not hold a charge at all!

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