Thursday, June 5, 2008

I am a proud trash picker!


Dick and I found this last week after we went out for dinner at the local coney island. I stole his keys after dinner and drove his new car down the side street. I noticed it was the night before garbage pickup. It was the neighborhood he grew up in. I asked him where id the "Rich" block, and do they have good trash. He then directed me down side streets and I saw it. I squeeled!!!!! We turned around and loaded the little bookshelf/end table into the back of his lil station wagon. We then started back home to sit and watch tv/spin.


I've been knitting and spinning like crazy!!! No glass work. I should have last nite, but I was just to tired. I really want to get a bulk propane set up. I just need the hose and a bbq propane thingy. probbably 50$ or so. I've been dreaming of hemp necklaces with my pretty beads. I plied 2 different yarns this week alone. That very uncommon for me. I finished my first handspun party dress sock and the I heart Pink sock.

Everything else is peachy keen. We still don't have hot water, but I did steal my brother Gas Bill this weekend. I told him I'm paying my rent to the gas people. I just have to mail it out. It's getting pretty muggy and I'm not ready to put the AC in the window yet. Iggy and Azazel is doing awesome. Iggy just turned a year old 2 weeks ago. He's such a great little guy! I got a new betta, Paper. Fluffy is just the same ole beardie! It is almost warm enough to take her out in the back yard on her leash.

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