Thursday, May 29, 2008

Love Vacations, Hate Working

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Oh man, I was gone for 4 1/2 days. I love going upnorth. It is so relaxing. My only downside was our mattress deflated the last nite, completely. I tried pumping it up twice. So I'm going to buy a good one for the 4th of july.

My sister and my friend Cherie had their birthday's over the weekend. My mom cooked BBQ Chicken Legs & Campfire roasted corn on the cob, with this awesome loaf of bread.

We went fishing sunday. The bugs were terrible. I only got 1 bug bite, but everyone else got chew'd up!!!! I caught 3 little sunfish. I threw them all back. No point in eating that little fish w/ bbq chicken back at the property.

We shot a bunch of guns.
We got real dirty.
We went for a hike
We saw baby deer, a turkey, and weird glowing eyes in the woods.



I finished my Mars Quake Socks last week. I really like the way these fit. I wore them the first night by the fire. They were soft and squishy.
lisa souza Sock Merino!
"Mars Quake" Colorway
Top Down
Short Row Heel & Toes

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Larjmarj said...

Working is so overrated. I would love to travel endlessly.

Cute socks!