Monday, May 19, 2008

Thrifted Cookie Jar

Thrifted Cookie Jar
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Look at this awesome cookie jar Miranda picked up for me.
I love this jar!
Iggy's bone have taken over my other mushroom cookie jar.
This weekend was fun, but very busy.
I tried to be social!!!!!!
Friday: Did a little bit of Knitting & drinking on friday night.

Saturday: Big Garage sale at Dodge Park, even though they don't have any garages. I bought another sx-70 sonar for $5!!!!!! I also picked up a lamb chocolate mold, a pocket knife for dick, & a shot glass that measures teaspoons on it. Miranda, Kim, & Cherie came too. Everyone got stuff. The boy's were buying ammo while we were shopping.

Sunday: Fishing. I caught 3 sunfish, Dick caught a pike and my brother caught a bass. We threw them all back. I packed us a lunch and we spent at least 3 hours on the pier fishing. It was a little windy, but we were enjoying ourselves!!!

I have a bunch of FO's but I'll post those later this week.

4days til vacation!!! woohoo.

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