Monday, June 16, 2008

Dreams of Hot Glass

4oz Corriedale "Vineyard"
Spun on my Spindle, plied on my wheel

I swear I dreamt of getting a new torch for lampworking all weekend. I'm waiting for my stimulus check. I want to move from my Hothead to a torch that I can try Boro. I should be getting that check this week. *crosses fingers*

This weekend was pretty laid back. Right after work, I stopped at Indigo Rose and bought 2 sets of 24" us1 Addi Turbos. My cat destroyed my 40" over the winter. I also picked up some Zeilinger's Z-wool in Sand (4oz), nice and squishy 2ply. It will be come some pretty stranded thing. Maybe a hat or something with some hand spun. They had the prettiest chocolate brown there too....but I stopped myself from buying everything in the bin.TEE HEE.

My mom stole my dog and took him up north for the weekend with her dog Sandy.

Friday nite, we watched the new Die Hard movie. I love those movies and for another sequal, it was well worth it!! I worked on my socks a little. We played a drinking game with the movie. Too funny, typical Die Hard references.... I had such a good time.

Dick woke me up at 7:30am........ yeah.... that's not sleeping in to me...... We ran around town til like 2pm. Micro Center, Gibraltar, and the thrift store. I got some super cute stuff to wear to work. I came home, Cherie and I went to get our eye brows done. Then I passed out til 5pm. Felt so good!!!

Sat on my ass. My dad was Up North... so I didn't see him. I played with some glass and went to the gym. We had turkey sandwiches for dinner. I was way to lazy to do anything.

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