Wednesday, February 27, 2008

snow squal

snow squal
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This weekend went ok. Friday nite, my parents took Dick & I to xochimilco (in mexican town) for dinner. They have really good food! I have enough leftovers for breakfast on saturday morning. SOOOOO GOOOD! My mom and I killed a liter of margaritas.
Saturday was my birthday. Bleh... I won't even get into that...
I went to the fruit market and used my crocheted bags again. Wow, those things carry way more stuff than plastic bags. I thought we'd walk out to the car and the bag would break. Oranges rolling across the parking lot.
I went over to my friend cherie's house Saturday and watched "black sheep" OMG..... Very funny/horror movie! Gotta love Mutant Sheep in New Zealand!!!

I started working on the greenery hat in the yarn I bought from Heritage on thursday. I love this yarn!!!!! I want a whole sweater make of this stuff!! Soooooooooooo soft and bouncy! I also put a dent into spinning "party dress" (spunky FOTM club). I'm about 1/2 done with both of those projects.

The yarn pictured above is January's Snow Squal (icelandic). It came out to 200 yards, maybe light worsted. It is a little too scratchy for me.. I was thinking about making cute little felted maryjanes. I dunno yet, but thats what I'm leaning towards.

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Larjmarj said...

Black Sheep! I LOVED that movie, so twisted.

Mexican food sound good.

Yummy yarn!