Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Snowpants +Speed = Fun!

I had such a good time this weekend! We went up to my parents cabin in Roscommon, MI. We went snowmobiling all day Saturday. We drove almost to Kalkaska. What a long ride!!!! We stopped at a bar for lunch. Wow, My legs and arms were very sore! Dick got the sled up to 95mph with me on the back. Holy Crap, that's fast!

Iggy came along to keep my mom's dog company! Those two had such a good time up there in the cabin while we were gone. Iggy's belly didn't even clear the snow piles. He looked like a little dolphin swimming out of the water. He's such a little dork!

I took a bunch of pictures. They are over on flickr.

Sunday was terrible!!! All the snow turned to ice! The ride home was terrible. I thought we were going to fly off the freeways at least 3 times!!!

On to the fiber related stuff...

Last week, I spun the rest of my Pie from spunky's FOTM club.
2oz. were spun on my turkish drop spindle. I spun the other 2oz. on my new Baynes DT. It's about 200yards/ 2ply. I loved spinning this fiber!!!!!

I also crocheted a couple grocery bags. I didn't use a pattern. I really wanted a bag with no seams. I crocheted a circle for the bottom and worked my way up the sides in a neat little lace pattern. I used it once so far, and it passed the test! Woohoo! I started another one in lime green kitchen cotton.

I also bought some new sock yarn 2 fridays ago at ...have you any wool in Berkley. I bought some pretty jitterbug in the Mardi Gras colorway.

A couple girls, on wednesday at the knit group, are knitting up some jitterbug in a really pretty colorway. I needed to be a sheep and buy some. BAAAAAA

Plus another picture of Igg-Da-Pig in his new handspun stripy sweater.
Picture 029

Hmm... I think I got it all.......MMmmm yep......

Oh no....
Saturday is my birthday. WOOHOO!

I'm also dragging Miranda to Heritage Spinning and Weaving 2maro afterwork to spend the 20% off that they sent me! I haven't been up to Lake Orion in at least a year. They have some really nice stuff! I'm pretty excited!!! Good thing they are open to 7pm on thursdays!

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Larjmarj said...

Your pup looks happy and warm in his sweater. ;-) Cute!

Enough winter already....