Thursday, March 6, 2008

No Knitting Content

So I have been knitting,I really have. I've been spinning too!!! No pictures yet. At least there is still daylight when I get home now.
I have:
1/2 a heel to finish on dick's socks.
1/2 my greenery hat to finish
1 noro jaywalker sock to finish
1.1/2 mars quake socks to finish
and 3/4 of party dress already spun up!

I finished my gray sweater. I gotta wash and block it. I'm not to happy with it rite now. The button holes are too big.

I'm sooo half-assed lately.

I got a new tattoo on Saturday. Here's the before and after pictures. I LOVE IT!
Old Tattoo Skully Rose (coverup)

I also cleaned and reorganized my studio.It took most of Sunday. I threw away alot of horded junk. I sorted all my fiber and my left over sock yarn balls.
Biglots had a folding table for $27, so now I have a place for my torch and kiln now. It looks soo nice and tidy in there now. I'm going to start up my kiln and make a couple beads. I dipped a couple mandrels a few nights ago and let them air dry. I really wanna pick up some of those ring mandrels and some more rods. I saw some really pretty soft glass rings on etsy. Sooo pretty!!!!


Larjmarj said...

Cool tat! Where'd you get it done at?

Coley said...

Thanks! Miranda introduced me to Chris Hornus at Consolidated Steel & Ink in Flint.