Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Green monkeys

Green monkeys, originally uploaded by boizscareme.

I had the most lazy 3day weekend. I was out of work by 2pm on friday. My sister had a party friday night. My baby sister is 21 now. My sister had a keg of killians to drink. She also had a band in the basement. They were called James & The Rainbows. I was expecting them to sound terrible. They weren't half bad!! I drank a little too much.
I sat around knitting & spinning most of saturday & sunday.
Monday, we ate steak. visited with my parents.
They bought a samigon enlarger from a garage sale upnorth for $10. woohoo.... It has the 6x6 negative carries and the lens is 75mm. perfect for enlarging my holga negatives.

I finished my monkey socks. I still need to wash & block them. I really liked knitting these socks.
I'm on the 3rd repeat of my luna moth shawl. I was confused but I put in a life line and jumped right in. I only frogged once!


Amby said...

Oooh, a fellow darkroom nut...I never got to put together a darkroom (not enough space), and I've been shooting almost exclusively digital since I stopped shooting professionally. You and I must chat next time I'm at the 'bou. :-)

The_Add_Knitter said...

So gorgeous!!

Coley said...

Amby- I've been into photography & developing before I was into knitting. I use my bathroom at night right now. I only do black & whites.I'm so excited that this new enlarger does medium format!!!!

ADD: Thank you!!

Kerry said...

They are gorgeous! Great job!