Tuesday, June 19, 2007


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It has been way to hot to knit this week. I'm in a slump.

Currently I have been embroidering on some quilt panels.My grandma made these for a project . I found these in the fabric stash she gave me. They need to be sewn together. I'm doodling all over them. I made a vine & a flower. I also made little overlapping circles. I am now working on a tree. It's comming along really well.

I have 2 single socks that need to be finished. I haven't touched my shawl in about 2 weeks. I started to spin some dyed targhee I washed. I got annoyed and stopped. Little VM stuff was comming off on my hands.

I made a flower pot grill last night. I took pictures of my kabob's on the flower pot. I'm so happy I went to the store to buy the stuff. I'll talk more about this later.

I'm going to go to caribou (knitting) 2maro for sure!!!
I've been thinking about taco's and stone cold creamery.

PS: my swap partner got her "spring in to summer" dishcloth swap package!!! I'm so excited. She said it was her 1st swap. I'm glad she liked everything.


Anonymous said...

has your Spring intro Summer Dishcloth Swap package arrived yet??? It sent it via surface mail 3 weeks ago!! Put a post up when you get it!

Coley said...

oh no nothing yet. I was getting kinda worried. Can I get a hint on where it's comming from?????

Lone Knitter said...

Flower pot grill? That's a new one for me. Sounds like fun. And I like how your sewing pictures into the quilt. It's going to be gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

the UK