Monday, April 9, 2007


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The oldies station is here at work today. They brought us Tim Horton's coffee & doughnuts!!! WE won a coffee break with the WOMC. I'm all hopped up on sugar & coffee. I had a Boston Cream Doughnut. MY FAV!!!!

This weekend was very nice. Easter was awesome. I hung out at my mom's house. I prep'd dinner. We had beef & shrimp kabob's, an awesome baby greens salad, tj's Basmasti rice medley, green beans, & garlic herb bread. My mom bought scallops too. I was in charge of cooking these:

12 scallops
1 lime
1T Sesame Oil
1T Steak Seasoning
Red pepper flakes

Mix up together.
Wrap Scallop in a 1/2 strip of bacon &secure with a toothpick
Put on a broil pan and bake at 425 for 12-14min.

They were perfect!!!!!! Not over cooked at all!!!

She also had me go through a box of crap I left there. It had my old Color guard Captain award and a Band Plaque. I found a brownie Bulls eye box camera, my 1989 summer vacation album and a whole bunch of Dick's stuff.

Oh yeah.... I got my new pendant from black river beads.I LOVE IT

You can see me wearing it above. As soon as I opened it, I had to wear it. I made a 15 1/2" choker out of hemp. It's all spirally!!!!

I also received my Moo Cow Book from Holly of Misshawklet. I love it so much. It's made so well. I love the coptic binding. Thank you!!!!!

I bought yarn from Liza Souza this weekend.. Yummy! Mars Quake in Sock! Merino.


The_Add_Knitter said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! Your scallops and greens sound really good compared to the boring ham I had...;)

Coley said...

It was pretty tasty. I convienced my mom that a ham was way too much work and that I'd assemble the kabobs and everything if she just would marinate them overnight for me. We had such a good easter, nobody got into a fight!!!