Friday, April 13, 2007

Scrap socks, originally uploaded by boizscareme.

Last night was sooo nice. We went out on a date. Woohoo

First I went to get 2 used tires for my car. My tires were bald. $40 for two. I LOVE ALLSTATE!! Those guys always hook me up. The treads look really good too. I cannot afford $119 for tires. I still have to get an oil change this weekend and con my dad into putting new break pads on my car. I looked at my rotors when they took off my tire and there wasn't any grooves into. Lucky!!!!

Dick & I went to the bank and drove back roads to get to Happy Garden. He was something in the garbage on the way to dinner. He told me to stop and pull in to the drive way. OMG!!! it was a coffee table in the shape of hardcover books. The bottom book opened out into a drawer!We got out of the car and noticed that the drawer was put in kinda off and wouldn't close. We crammed that b*tch into my backseat.

Next Stop, Chinese food!!!!!!

We watch the news & ate yummy food. Talked to Jen (the lady that owns the place)She's so sweet.

After dinner we went to the RoadShow (local head shop). I wanted to look at their body jewely. I want new stuff for my conch, and anti-trag. I've had the same jewelry in my anti-trag for like 3 years now. I didn't see anything really that cute. but I did is some really pretty glass blue spiralie 6gauge earring! I'm going back to get those!!!! We bought more incense & hornworms (for fluffy) The lady at the counter says "those are gross, they bleed green"

We watch the last episode of "the riches" I felt so sad about that dentist. Poor guy.
We also watched the office. I love that show! Inflatable castle bounce. hahahaha

Oh yeah. Socks. Dick wanted socks and I told him I'll make him socks out of my scrap sock yarn. I think it's turning out well.

I went to a knitting meetup at caribou coffee on wednesday. 1st time for that group. What a great group of girls. I got a stitch marker from one of the girl. Woohoo.. I won a free baked good and got really far on my other pairs of socks. I told Brock he should come with me next time he has a wednesday off. I just found out that he knits & he's working on his 1st sock!! woohoo!( Brock works with Dick at Starbucks)


The_Add_Knitter said...

LOVE your socks, what a fantastic concept!!

Coley said...


Lone Knitter said...

I love the left-over yarn socks. That is a great idea. I want to see that table you're talking about. It seems dreamy. Although Manly always keeps his books all over the place--so it seems as if my furnature is made of books anyhow!

Coley said...

I have some shots of our table over on my flickr site. It is perfect!