Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Lions are smarter than I am

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Did you hear it's supposed to get to a high of 36degrees 2maro. Yeah. Snow & Rain are in the forcast. Psh...I'm not wearing socks & short sleeves today. I love that! 2maro may just be a handknit sock day!

I've been super productive this whole weekend! I made another plant hanger. I really love the newest one. I'm getting better each time I make them. The length of jute is the same. All I have to do is make the straps like I would make cute hemp necklaces. I really hope holly likes em. I think I'm going to make a few more and put them on my etsy site. I have just enough beads to make one more hanger before I have to buy more. I'm keeping the original one I posted about. Its ok looking, but I wouldn't want to give someone that one.

I setup my bathroom/darkroom sunday morning. It was a bitch to get the bathroomlight tight. I print 4 photo's, nothing too great. I guess I'll be printing at night again. oh well. no biggie. My dad asked me how the printing is going. He told me how he used to develope and print this own black&white back in the army. I told him if he wants I can show him the process. I have a 35mm slr that just needs batteries. I'm sure he'd have a blast. He has always been really supportive of anything I do that build/make/create.

Dick had a store meeting sunday afternoon. I got bored and dyed 2 skeins of sock yarn. I like the pink/blue/black one. The other one didn't work too well. I told dick that he gets the mistake skein. He was excited, because it has a big blotch of pink in it. Takes a real man to like pink! I'm now out of blank yarn to dye. No biggie. I don't really want to sell yarn. I have to much fun keeping it for myself. Maybe someday...

Last night's dinner was awesome!! We had chicken alfredo w/penne. Yummo! I have leftovers for lunch today. I added red pepper flakes to it. It's nice and spicy!

My brother has the wifi working properly, so I have internet at home woohoo!! I have been using it at work and at panera (free wifi).
Dick updated his myspace with pictures from my flickr account. He didn't even know 1/2 of those pictures existed. He's so silly. He put some pictures of me up there. I look high is half of the pics. I personally don't like myspace, but thats his thing. His cousin contacted him, which was weird.

I did his federal taxes last night. he's getting enough money to fix his car.Should be in my bank account in 2-3 weeks. A lady at work is going to do our state for us.

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Lone Knitter said...

You should totally sell your yarn. It's so pretty. The one you call a "mistake" is gorgeous, I think.