Friday, January 5, 2007

Xmas present from Toni.

Xmas present from Toni., originally uploaded by boizscareme.

These socks have a story. I absolutly love working with this yarn. It is Interlacement's Toasty Toes in coloryway Southwest. Before Christmas, my boyfriend and our mutual friend Toni when to the LYS to buy me sock yarn. They are both non knitters, but my guy has seen me knit socks long enough to know what I like . They walked in to the store and as usual the ladies who work there ignore them. They do this to me too. He went over and saw the skein of Toast Toes and was about to buy it. The lady came over and told him this wasn't sock yarn. He didn't understand seeing that the lable reads "Toasty Toes". He ended up picking out some self-patterning sock yarn in a fingering weight. Well, Toni went back a couple days later to buy the Toast toes because she loved the colorway and was sure that I would love them too. Well, the Tuesday after Christmas we exchanged gifts and I was just too excited to open it and see this saturated skein of yumminess!!!!!! I couldn't wait to ball this stuff up and swatch it. I'm already through the 1st sock and almost to the toe and on the second sock. I may only beable to wear these in my clogs, but I don't care.

Sport Weight
Knitted on 2's dpn
2x2 rib cuff
hourglass heel, 9 dec.
Basic Toe from the Twisted Sisters Socks Book


librarylass said...

I love that yarn! The colours will make very scrummy socks. Good haul for Christmas!!

Coley said...

Thanks! I finished them saturday afternoon. I'm wearing them today,the socks are really cozy and I don't feel stitches under my toes.

Lone Knitter said...

Hmmm...Toasty Toes *isn't* sock yarn?!? Woah. Maybe you need to start offering classes for the folks at the knitting store. Love the yarn.

Coley said...

lone knitter-Those ladies there are snobs. I walk in to the store and I am ignored completely. when I go to pay for stuff, I probably stand there for about 5-10mins. The only reason I go there is that they have a HUGE selection of sock yarn compaired to the other stores in the area.