Monday, June 7, 2010


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I really need to update more.

We went "Up North" for the holiday weekend. I bought a new mini bike from Tractor Supply. I love this little guy. My husband put a new jack shaft on it this weekend. It has balls now!

Saturday morning I ran off to Eastern Market by myself. I power shopped, I only had 30mins to get everything and leave. I forgot I told my brother I wanted to borrow his truck. He leaves for work at Noon. I got downtown at 11am.

I knew what I needed:
Fruit from Sara's stand.

I parked really far and speed walked to Gratiot Meat Market across the freeway. On the way back, I stopped to see Sara. She hook'd me up. I came home with a huge bag of peaches & pears. I was back in my car by 11:58am. I felt like I was on Farmers Market SuperMarket Sweeps.

I went straight to my brother apartment to get his truck.

We first filled the truck bed with donations from the garage. We had a pile of "shit" in our garage since we moved in. It needed to be donated. The weight has been lifted. 4 bags of clothes, 1 box of books, 1 box of kitchen stuff & a gamecube.

Next Stop, Home Depot
We picked up mulch, dirt, peat moss, manuer, light bulbs, 5 gallon bucket & a 42" ceiling fan.
I put 4 bags of mulch in my front flower beds. It looks so nice with a fresh layer of mulch.
Everything else is waiting in the garage for me. I might be able to tackle that project this week.

My pole beans are growing. my garlic looks great.

Sunday, I made peach & pear jam. I canned 4 8oz, 4 4oz, & 2 8oz for the freezer. I also froze the rest of the peaches for later use. I want upside down cake.

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