Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Curly laid egg!

When I get home I sorta have a routine. I get the mail, walk in, say hi to the dog, change my shoes and walk out into the back yard to check on the flock for eggs. Yesterday I found 3 eggs already laid. As I was reaching inside, One of my hens were inside the nest box/dust bath (Arizona Iced Tea Jug). She was all puffy and standing up. Oh my, she laid an egg! I've never seen a bird lay an egg. The Jumbo's I picked up on craigslist turned 6 weeks yesterday. Those 3 turned out to be 2 roo's & 1 hen. We named them Larry, Curly & Moe. I now have 4 laying hens.

I also found a recipe last night for a One-Egg Cake Recipe with 7 different variations. I am going to try and sub quail eggs for chicken eggs. I heard its 3-5 eggs to 1 large chicken egg.
Have I mentioned how tasty fried quail are?

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