Friday, November 13, 2009


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I think I'm in a crafting rutt.

I cannot hook my kiln up in the house....
All my glass is put away.

I have a pair of mitts almost finished. Xmas Present

No socks on needles.

Dicky helped me pin out a wonky quilt top to a flannel backer. His OCD is so funny. I started pinning it out and I needed some help keeping it flat. He made me take all the pins out. The top is not square. After an hour and screwing with it, it is now flat and pretty square. I just have to cut the filling to fit when I get home, then sew the edges. I am going to do the "quick turn" method for this quilt.

Kimlin & I are working on a quilt together. We did a shop hop last month. We both purchased the fabric packs to make a really pretty sampler .
Last night at knitting, we cut 2 out of 3 fat 1/3's.
It worked out pretty well. Tonight, I am going to scan that first square and e-mail it to her. 1 more fat 1/3's to cut up tonight, if I can get motivation.

It's hunting season in Michigan. I guess I can officially saw I'm a hunters widow? Our new neighbor butchers deer. He said he would help us out if someone gets something this weekend. I kinda hope they do kill a deer. I love venison. My Venison meat stash; from Mike's kill last year, has been gone since early summer.

Mom and I have a date on Saturday at Dylan's Raw Bar. I could really go for some good seafood. Well..... as good as you can get in Michigan.

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Larjmarj said...

You in a crafting rutt? puh-leez!! You're like a crafting just need to get in touch with the crafting force ;-)

I'd rather be a hunting widow than a WOW least hunting has a start and stop date.