Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wrong turn

Friday was date night this week. I had mad cravings for tacos.
We drove to Mexican town by the bridge. I-75 was just reopened recently. Unfortunately, the exit we needed was still closed off. The next exit was Clark St. I did not know there was a huge park there! I saw a cool Taco cart in a parking lot.
Dick dropped me off at the bakery and parked the car. My sister took me there last time. She loves churro's. I bought 3 churro, lemon & apple turnovers, 1 football sized Bouls, & fresh tortillas for $6. The turnovers were very tasty. We made sandwiches with the bread. Soooo good. Flakey Crusty outside with that light airy bread center.

Anyways, after dinner we went the wrong way on the service drive and ended in the line to the Ambassador bridge to Canada. There was no way out. We were like rats in a maze. The only way out was to pay $4 and go to canada. Go through customs. Our car was searched and we had to get background checks. The Canadian customs agent said this happenes all the time,at least 15 on his shift alone. They are such nice people, they laughed at us mostly.Then we get back into the car over an hour later and make our way backover the bridge. The U.S Customs guy didn't give us any hassle. We had a paper that says we never went to canada and made a wrong turn. Then we have to pay another $4 for crossing over again.

We didn't let us hider our plans. We were now out $8 and 2 hrs later.We made it to Motor City Cansino,since I have never been. Eariler, I cashed in all my loose change around the house. I made $29.

What an Adventure. I wanted Tacos and we end up in another country.


Margaret said...

That's quite an adventure! I'll be sure to be careful the next time I go to that area.

Amby said...

Oh my goodness, that is so funny I had to read it out loud to JP. Fifteen accidental tourists per shift? I wonder how many people they've busted with illicit items in their cars because they didn't realize they'd be making a side trip to Canada???

Larjmarj said...

LOL! yeah I drive through there on the way to work now and I like the new set up but it is a little confusing. There are a lot more exits but at least the trucks that are coming off of the Ambassador bridge aren't swerving across 4 lanes of morning traffic to get on to I-96. I'm so happy that I can get to Mexican Town now though!! Love the Honeybee market.

I'll take it one step further than Amby and wonder if they didn't set it up that way on purpose. Sounds like a moneymaker.

Amy said...

My husband did that before-- it's true how you're just stuck. He works on Clark St. and eats tacos all the time from Mexicantown for lunch-- he's a brat. :)