Sunday, June 28, 2009

$20 + bottle returns = food

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This week has been really bad. I didn't go shopping for the past few weeks. My fridge only had condiments on the shelves. I get paid on Friday and only have $30 for food and gas this week.

Fruit Market

bearded dragon veg (kale, summer squash)
pickle cucumbers


Toilet paper
1 roll paper towel
honey pretzels
plain bagels
cream cheese
hamburger buns
Ranch dressing for Dicky
I almost grabbed a candy bar... 2 for $1. but I stopped,

Shoppers Mkt
1/2 lb ham
1/2 hard salami
1/2 Munster
shredded Colby cheese
1 block pepper jack cheese

My fridge looks full now!
I had a little bit of meat in my freezer

a pound of ground venison
venison tenderloins
1 chicken cordon blue
little Caesars mini pizza kits (7 pizzas)

Good thing I always have garlic, onions and potatoes around.
Oh and rice, cannot forget that!

I'm looking forward to a big salad tonight for dinner.

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