Monday, January 12, 2009

Intercoastal Mitts

Intercoastal Mitts
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I really wanted to steal these mitts and keep them for myself. Ooo, they are so soft and warm. I knit the Intercoastal Mitts before Christmas for Dick. I love the way the wool bits became tweedy.

Intercoastal Mitts
208 yards
Handspun 2ply Wool Alpaca (Ann Arbor Fiber Expo)
US 3 (2 circs)

HAHAHAHAHa, I just noticed you can see my dogs weenier in the bottom of this picture. Opps!


Larjmarj said...

Love the mitts!

Pugs are so cute ;-) I've got more than a few crotch shots of my boy. It seems to be his favorite pose. Men......

Coley said...

hehe..... Thanx!

yeah you got that rite! Always exposing themselves just as i push the button!!!!

(pssst...... Iggy is a puggle)