Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Twin Rib

I am so glad the Christmas is over!
We didn't go snowmobiling, like we planned. I was really disappointed, but I made the most of staying home. My dad said the trails were pretty shitty and it was raining all Saturday.

I did knit a whole pair of socks over the weekend.

Green Lake Socks from 07' spin-off
"Sea Breeze" from Copperpot Woolies
176yards 3ply
I learned how to do a Turkish cast-on. For some reason, I was very intimidated by that cast-on. I've been doing a short-row toe with a crochet cast-on.

I love how the pattern only had ribbing on the back of the leg. I have to wash and block them. This is the WIP picture of the first sock.

I finished my Dad's Twin Rib Socks on the 26th. They are very nice and squishy.
Heirloom Argyle
2 on 2 circs
US 3
Short row heel

This is the first pair of socks I've ever knit for my dad. He never asks for my hand knits. This year, he asked me 2 weeks before Xmas. Come on! I stalled for a week, then started the Twin Rib pattern from Sensation Knitted Socks.

I was to the toe decreases Xmas night, then my boyfriend's dad called. He was downtown at MGM Grand with Dick's relatives. So that's my reason why they are late..HAHA because we went to the casino on Christmas. So weird. I've never been down there on a holiday. hehehe
It was fun. I blew $20 and lost. Woooo Fricken Hoo.

I started spinning Nov 08' fiber.
Lame Mallard Duck.

Still working on my vineyard sweater. I stopped last night at the sleeve decreases.

Ok, I'm off to tackle the pig stye that is my studio! Wish me luck, I'm hoping I don't get eaten.

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Jennifer said...

I Love those greenish color socks. They are so pretty!!!

Next time we're at kntting I was wondering if you could show me how to do the two-socks-at-a-time-on-one pair-of-circulars

I was following the book and made it to about step 3 then gave up. I'm totally confused.

Hope your Christmas was great. I will see you at knitting soon :-)