Wednesday, July 23, 2008

grey jacket

grey jacket
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I've been working on this on and off for almost a year.
It started out with a 4" collar and a button band. I then crammed it into the bottomless pit, that is my knitting bag. I didn't look at it for a while.
I hated the collar and the button band.
I mean HATE. Strong words for a knit sweater, eh?

Just before we went on vacation for the 4th, I ripped out the button band.

I then...... CUT the collar down to 2".
I was so scared, I've never cut up one of my projects. I ended up decided on a zipper, since I hated every button band I've ever tried to knit on to this stupid jacket. The zipper I bought was too short, but I made it work. 1st time sewing a zipper into a handknit.

This sweater was a lot of 1st for me. I am now totally in love with my grey jacket.
I love the yarn over increases in the yoke.
The weather needs to get cold so I can wear it. HAHAHAha... I really shouldn't wish away my summer.

us 8's
Top Down Raglan

****other knitting news****

I have a yoke finshed on a pull over. I just need to pick out yarn that will match "vineyard".

I'm knitting:

Blue Toe Wedgy Socks
2nd I Heart Pink Socks
Dick's Slip Stitch Sock (barn swallow)
Noro Feather & Fan Scarf
(I just can't finish anything!)


I bought a batt from Feisty Women Designs on etsy. I am in love. I've already spun 1 of 3 batts. I'm seeing a 3 ply sock yarn. There is glitter nylon in these batts!!!

I have 1 ounce left of my "brick" left to spin. This stuff looks like ashland bay. It came with my spinning wheel.

I'm still spinning Viridian on my golding.
Slowly but surely

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Lynne said...

Your sweater looks great. Hadn't realized you cut the collar when I saw it at knitgroup.

PS Tag, you are it!