Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Internet is out...

nutless wonder
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the internet is shutoff currently.

I had a great time in texas.
So did iggy!

My new spinning wheel should be comming in this week.
Baynes (dt)

I have a ton of picture to upload...... havent gotten there yet!

I did send out my spindle swap package today!
I hope she likes it!

I'm a slacker.


Amy said...

You're not a slacker- I just sent mine out today too. (Or else we're both slackers, I'm not sure...)

Lone Knitter said...

Hey, Coley--I'm a slacker too! I haven't gotten around to mailing you a little something that I wanted to give you. I'll get to it soon.

Coley said...

you dont need to send me anything!

Amy- Thanks I feel a little better now! Woohoo I'm not alone!