Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry X-mas!

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I leave tonite to drive to Texas. I'm really not ready yet. I packed last nite. I still have some stuff to get together tonite. Iggy is wondering why we are packing stuff up.. He has no clue. Azazel knows something is up. My friend is comming by to keep an eye on her, fluffy, sushi/plastic and all my plants.
I'm really not ready to go down there and deal with everything. It's so much easier to live 1000's of miles away and pretend everything is peachy.

Oh.... I have to finish my mom's Harf by the time I get to my grandma's. I just need to knit the scarf part! I'm almost done! Talk about last minute knitting!!!!!

Next stop Smithville, TX

Merry Xmas! See Ya'll in the new year!

Nicole (Coley)

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Amanda said...

Have a good time. Safe trip to and from.