Monday, November 19, 2007

Xmas Knitting Begins!

Kates Shrug
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I decided to start some Christmas knitting this weekend.
I bought 2 skeins of light gray Cotton-ease for the Ribbed Lace Bolero. Wow, this is knitting up really fast! The lace is worked up on 10.1/2's. Since I'm not going to be in Michigan for Xmas(Texas for xmas) , I have a week less to have my projects finished. I started knitting a Harf (hat/scarf) for my mom in pretty White wool-ease. I'm probably only 3"-4" into this. Uggghh..... This is going to take forever!!!!

I was a bad girl friday.
I called in sick.
I was a little bummed out, I thought my package was being shipped to work. I swore I put my work address for my Spunky Eclectic package. I checked the USPS tracking and it says "arrived in eastpointe @ 7:14am"
It's comming here!!!!!
Dick told me, he already saw the mailman walk by the house. My heart jumpped into my throat! I threw on my shoes, ran down the flight of stairs, down the driveway............ NO PACKAGE!!!!
Just bills & flyer ad's.
I was depressed. My hopes were up and they came crashing down!!
I walked back upstairs and sat on the couch. Dick asked if recieved my package and all I could do was shoot him a look.
I went back to knitting and watching tv. (cough, cough, I'm supposed to be sick)
The phone rings.... My brother was leaving for work and called to let me know my package was on the porch. WHAT! I was just there! Sneaky MailMan!
I again, Threw on my shoes... ran down the stairs...... down the driveway to the front porch!!! My package was now on the porch....
I ran back upstairs, all giddy!!!!!


I love everything! I bought Vineyard(corridale), Strawberry Fields (So. African Fine) and Walking on the Sun (alpaca).
The alpaca is soooo pretty!
I'm in love!
Dick stole it away from me and started fondling it.
Gotta love a guy who loves alpaca!

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Amanda said...

So where's the pics of your roving lady?... Show me the pics.. I need pics... *rubbing hands nervously*