Monday, October 15, 2007

Mini Shawl

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This past weekend was soo nice. I stopped in romeo saturday after I dropped my mom off. I went to their Salvation army. Omg! they had such cute stuff!
I bought 2 tank tops( one was green & the other one was yellow with lil bombs), a utencil holder, a cute lil wall hanging that says "House Work causes Nervouse disorders", a new coffee grinder.

On the way home i stopped at Verellen's to pick up some doughnuts, 1/2 peck of apples (mutsu) and a 1/2 gallon of cider. I personally think they have the best cider!!!!

My shawl is almost finished!
I finished one gummy bear socks
I designed a stranded hat this weekend. I'm gonna write up the pattern this week. I'm pretty excited about it.
I just need to knit the bottom ribbing to my gray sweater.

Oh oh oh... i almost forgot i started knitting a cotton Grocery bag in lime green cotton. I started that bag like 3 times. i got 4" into the bag & dumped it into my knitting bag. Later that night I went into my craft room. Iggy destroyed the ball.. not the knitting, not the bamboo needles, just the ball of cotton. I spent most of Saturday night untangling knots. fun fun fun!

I heard that we might be going to cedar point this weekend. woohoo. I'm really excited. We didnt go last year.

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