Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I tried. they look ok.

I tried. they look ok.
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Here is my second attempt at making little pendants. My 1st set turned out alot better! I do like the upper right and the lower left.

I've been so out of it all weekend. I actually hung laundry out on saturday! It's October, I shouldn't be able to hang out my laundry. It should be a little cold. That ok, the cold front is comming in and it's supposed to be like 50-60's this weekend!

I haven't finished any knitting lately. I have a few projects. I did start the Isobel scarf. I really like the way it's looking.
Still working on my shawl & the gray sweater. My Red socks are still comming along.

If I'm not dead when i get home I might take some pictures.

*iggy gets shots on saturday*

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