Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My 1st glass coaster

My 1st glass coaster
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I am very excited about this. I fused my 1st coaster. It's system 96 glass. I think I did really well for not taking a class on fusing. I made 2 more this weekend but my kiln wash came off on the back of them. They look ok. I'm keeping them for myself so it doesn't matter.My kiln can hold two 4" coaster. I want to order from Delphi Glass and get some frit & stringers and some shelf paper. Shelf paper is paper that is put on the bottom of the kiln and keeps the glass fron sticking to the inside. I bought some other glass from Canterbury Stained Glass last friday.


Miranda said...

Soooo pretty! Glasswork is always making my jaw drop.

Coley said...


I made 2 more over the weekend, but my kiln wash stuck to the bottom of them. They turned out ok but the bottom has little white streaks.

Amby said...

Oh, that is GORGEOUS!!!

Amanda said...

Very cool.