Monday, August 13, 2007

aaron's socks

aaron's socks, originally uploaded by boizscareme.
Jawool sock yarn.
2 socks on 1 circ.
I'm almost to the toe. I'm knitting theses socks for my friend Beth. Her guy is over in iraq.

This was a very good weekend.

Dick got the job!

I fusing a glass coaster in my kiln! it actually turned out! I need to buff some of the kiln wash off.
It left cute little indents on the pink glass.

We went to see manson & slayer. Manson was terrible, but Slayer was awesome!
I bought dick a Slayer tour shirt,that was bad ass.

Slept in.
Went fishing with my dad, dick & Iggy.
We caught 5 perch.
Puppy pee'd and we put him in the lake. Iggy is a good little swimmer.
Dick caught the most fish. He said it was because he was wearing his fishing hat.
I took his hat and wore it. I caught the biggest fish. Must have been the hat!
I learned to clean & filet my own fish. woohoo. that was fun.
I chopped of the fish's head and his body was still moving around.
I did really good at fileting the fishes.

Internet is out at home. Sean didn't pay the bill. Oh well. I can't bitch, I get free wifi!
I'll have picture up as soon as I bring the digi to work or the internet pops back on!

tonight.... I am going to make more spacer beads, cook spagetti & knit more on my sweater.

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