Monday, August 6, 2007

glass kiln

jen ken bead annealer, originally uploaded by boizscareme.

My glass kiln came in on friday!
I'm really excited.
I put the kiln wash on the bottom & the shelf yesterday.
It should be dry by this evening.
It's a Jen-Ken Bead Annealer & Fuser.
We cleaned up my brothers garage so I could get it the work bench. It took not as long as I thought it would.

I have some beads that I can batch anneal tonight. YEAH!!!
I also found some Stainless Steel Brake Line on ebay to make small blown vessels.

Lynn at our knitting group does PMC and she said she'll show me how to do that if she could use my kiln. sounds like a good deal to me.
I also want to go buy some stuff for fusing. I'm stopping by the stained glass place on wednesday to see what kind of fusing stuff they have.


I'm still working on my jawool 2x2 rib socks. I got about 2" last night watching the Xgames.
I need to work on my luna moth shawl.
Puppy got into one of my eco wool skeins. Silly Puppy...
Thats for my EZ seamless sweater. I need to start working on this as soon as it's not so hot.

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Miranda said...

I can't wait to see pics of what pretty beads you make! Glass beads and pendants always amaze me and make me lust for them. haha