Monday, July 30, 2007

We had such a great weekend!!!
Iggy is doing great!
We went to the park and played in the woods.

I have some knitting I've finished!!! woohoo!!!!

Iggy's red doggy sweater
wool-ease yarn
Casey's sweater pattern
I know, I need an "in action" photo. He just doesn't sit still long enough to get a decent one.

Dick's birthday socks

dick's birthday present
He wanted some socks. I don't know that he will be able to wear them. They have wool in it, oh well!

On it the W.I.P's
Multidirectional scarf
Multidirections diagonal Scarf
2 balls of plymouth suri merino
I'm already to the second ball of yarn!!!!

I am still working on these red socks. I've kinda lost interest. Thats ok... These are for me!
ribby red socks

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Miranda said...

I can't wait to see an "in action" shot... if it is just a puppy blur! :)