Tuesday, May 8, 2007

(to be)felted targhee slippers

I need felted slippers. Back when I 1st started knitting I made the slippers from knitty and gave them to my mom. She actually shrunk them more.. They were sooo tiny! I love my mom. She can shrink anything!!!

anyhoo, the orange yarn I'm using is some targhee I bought last summer. I wanted to try my hand at washing uncarded wool.
(I still have a pound of polypay in a box still needing to be washed)
So, I washed, dyed, carded & spun about 4oz of this stuff. I saw a pattern at PippiKneeSocks for the fireside footies and had to make slippers. I finnished one last night and casted on for the second one. I didn't graft the toe yet. I wanted to wait and see if I had enough yarn to finish the 2nd one. If not, they will have different colored toes.

Since we moved, I put my clothes line back up. I noticed that my white socks were turning black/green on the bottom. I thought little orange felted slippers would be nice when I hang my laundry.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! It's your Dishcloth Exchange Partner here! Just to let you know that I am going to put together a lovely package for you and you will be receiving my first ever knitted dishcloth! Will post it all to you as soon as I can, and will let you know when I have!

The_Add_Knitter said...

I love orange so so much....and is that a beer can pop top you're using as a stitch marker?!

Coley said...

Uhhhhhh..Yes, it is. I only have 6 cute stitch markers that I have received as gifts. Before I got those, I used pop tabs as stitch markers. hehehe I recycle!