Saturday, May 19, 2007

felted slippers & luna moth

I felted my slippers last night, turned out a bit too small.
I stretched the life out of them to fit.
I blocked/dried them last night.
I've been running around all morning in them. I really like em.
felted slippers

I saw the pattern for Luna Moth Shawl over on I really want to knit that. I was thinking last night that I have 8oz of sport weight yarn laying around. I dyed it with some blue/greenish dye I mixed. It's in the bathroom sink right now, cooling off.
Merino sport Weight yarn

I also started working on my DishCloths for the swap. I'm knitting up the Flying Geese Dishcloth. The pattern is really easy to remember. I have 2 more repeats and I'm finished.


The_Add_Knitter said...

Love the slippers!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Am putting the final bits together for the dishcloth swap package this weekend! So it will be on its way next week!

Coley said...


Lone Knitter said...

Your slippers are too cute!