Sunday, May 13, 2007

crochet bag

crochet bag, originally uploaded by boizscareme.

this weekend is turning out really crappy.

The weather is beautiful but I just cannot get it together.

Saturday DAY was nice.

We came back from the local drug dealer (starbucks) and saw Nigel sitting on the porch with that mean black/gray cat. That is the kitty that beat up jules. So Dick got out of the car and chased him off. We tried to let Nigel in the house and all of the doors were locked. I'm supposed to wash my laundry there. Yeah, every door was locked. My brother helped me break in to the house. Long flat head screw driver and a hammer.So, we broke into my mom's house. Cat's had no food, & crappy water. I'm going to kill my sister. She was the last one to leave on friday and she left Nigel outside and didn't give them any food. WHAT A BAD CAT MOMMY.

I cooked for dick & my brother. I had lamb kabob's from my trip downtown. I marinaded a chicken breast for sean. Big Salad & I saw this recipe in the Rachel Ray mag over at my mom's .Balsamic potato & green beans. it was really tasty.

I have laundry to do today.
I want to finish those orange slippers and felt them.
I want to finish the dishes
I want to sweep the floor.

Yeah rite, lets see how much I actually get done.

We went to a graduation party last night. Yeah, I made it about a 45min before I needed to leave. At least I tried to go. I made the effort! Do I get a cookie for that? It's a long drive home fro 23 & romeo plank. Took me about 30mins. I came home, watched the science channel and fell asleep.

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The_Add_Knitter said...

Ohh your sister better WATCH OUT!;)

The little purse is cute...sorry you had a crappy day yesterday!