Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Socks from sp8

Socks from sp8, originally uploaded by boizscareme.

I'm a bad blogger.
My batteries are still dead & I'm just lazy. I've jumped back into a hobby I was really into just before I started knitting. I've started taking &developing my own photo's again. Ya'know black & white, chemicals, enlargers, darkroom crap. I have some pictures on my flickr site and my LJ.
I've almost stopped spinning completely.I put my wheel up on Craigslist for the detroit area. So if anyone is interested, let me know.
I haven't stopped knitting socks though. I will never stop knitting socks.

These socks are from SP8 last year. I'm to the toe of the second sock. They will have afterthought heels. I'm so excited to finish these.
Alot of my older socks are now getting wear holes. I need to knit more socks!!!!! I have 2 blank sock yarns that need to be skein up and dyed still. I completely stopped working on my jaywalkers. I'm confused by the toe.

SP8 socks
us1 crappy metal needles from the thriftstore
64 stitches
2" 1x1 ribbing
Afterthought Heels
German Round Toe (1st time, I like em!)

Oh yeah. We're moving to Austin next year.
Dick and I are going down at Xmas. He's never been there and wants to visit first. I'm pretty excited. I looked at and there is a TON of job listings and the apartment prices are in our price range. My grandparents said we can stay with them if we need to. Dick is getting transfered withStarbucks and gets to keep his Insurance. Which is good for me!


The_Add_Knitter said...

Ok WOW Austin--love it! Amazing town, you'll love it, that's great news (I hope)...the socks are killer, btw.

Lone Knitter said...

owww! Austin will be exciting. I bet it's a lot warmer there now than it is in Michigan ;). Cute socks. I think I'll always be sock-knitter, too.

Coley said...

I'm excited. I was born in austin. We moved when my brother was born. Plus Michigan's economy is going to shit. I finished the toe last night. Just have to knit heels and I'm all done!

Add_knitter: you hope?