Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fluffy takes a bath

Fluffy takes a bath, originally uploaded by boizscareme.

I do not have a picture of any F.O.'s today. By the time I get home, the natural light is all gone. Kinda Depressing. I stood outside at lunch today, it was sunny and 32 degrees. It was really nice. Not windy at all, the sun made me all warm and fuzzy.

I did however finish my 2nd sleeve. Wooohooo!!! I'm excited about that. I plan on casting on for the body something this weekend.
Friday, I went to the lys I love to shop at, Indigo Rose. I bought fushia acid dyes and 4 skeins of dalegarn- falk. 2 in Hot Pink and 2 in Neon Green. they were 30% off. I left spending $20 and I was happy.
The pink yarn became some socks. I started them last friday and I'm to the heel flap. I'm using a a patterns from "Sensational Knitted Socks". I also turned my heel and working on the foot of my Jaywalkers.

Oh yeah, the picture above is my bearded dragon fluffy. he/she is about 9" long now. fluffy is getting so big! Dick soaks fluffy while I clean out his tank. since fluffy doesn't drink to well, we soak him/her so he/she doesn't get dehydrated. Everytime fluffy sheds the colors change.

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Lone Knitter said...

Say, maybe fluffy needs some knitted socks. :)