Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mental Break

No dirt!, originally uploaded by Pixiefarts.

I called in sick yesterday to work. I needed a break. I was starting to hate everything around me. I used yesterday to try and get my anger under control. I keep taking it out on D. I don't mean to do it. Half the time, I am not aware I am doing it.

I bought a ship porthole mirror at the thrift store. Ill get a picture later! It opens!!!!

I watched "Secret of the Kells" last night. What a cute movie! I really enjoyed it.

I worked on my sister x-mas present. She suggested convertible mittens in black and purple. i am to the finger section now. I really like how they are coming together!!!!

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Larjmarj said...

Everyone needs a mental health day every now and again. I try not to take it out on E either but it's not easy when they're so accessible.