Monday, March 15, 2010


Yesterday, we took a ride to the bulk food store. I didn't need anything from there, I just wanted to spend money.
Did you know they sell those tasty Whopper Robins eggs by the pound!

My haul:
2 lbs cake flour
2lb O.F.Oats
1lb Wheat germ
Alfalfa seeds
Mung Bean seeds
Pepita (salted)
1/2lb Combos
gummy Octopus
Robin Eggs

under $14 total.

At least I spent it on food stuffs.

This week, I am trying my hand at growing sprouts. Dick loves sprouts, but I won't pay for them at the store. Seems silly since I don't really like them.
I will move out of my food safety zone.
I will try them this Alfalfa sprouts. I put one teaspoon into a wide mouth pint jar and soaked them over night. This morning I drained and rinsed twice. I guess by the end of the week, I should have something growing!

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