Wednesday, December 9, 2009

pumpkin guts

pumpkin guts
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Those seeds snapped my tooth. Ugh. I had to go to the dentist last Tuesday. I was so scared that I would have to get another crown. Nope, he fixed it with a filling! I owe them $100 more on my crown balance. I have another appointment in January.

Don't get me wrong, the seeds tasted awesome!
Next time, I need to dry them off longer before I bake them. I roasted that pumpkin and made puree. It made my kitchen smell gross. I don't like the smell of cooked squash. The muffins I made tasted good.

There has been some cooking in my kitchen lately. Last night, Momma made Homemade pot pie from our leftover Turduchen. I'm not much for "cat food in a crust", but man that was good!

Tonight Dick & I will be making cookies tonight. Saturday is Kimlin's Cookies exchange. I also received an invite to make some cookies for our neighborhood cookie exchange. I'm going to make the same cookies for both. Shhs. No one will know!!!!

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