Friday, August 14, 2009

My new gate

My new gate
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The first weekend at the new house was very busy. Along with moving all our belongings, we somehow had time to secure the backyard for my dog. This was top priority! We lived on a second floor flat without a fenced in yard. The new yard has a cyclone fence on one side and a privacy on the other. The back fence had a section that fell down and the rest was rotting.

Friday, we tore down the old back privacy fence. Dick, John and I attacked the rotting fence with full force. We also thought we were supposed to pull out the old supports that were cemented in the ground. HA.... that was fun.... They sunk those in 3 feet deep. After all that we had to dig new holes for the new fence.


Dick and my dad dug the holes and attached the fence to the supports. It was up to Dick and I to make sure it was level before we mixed the concert. We checked and recheck. Poured the concrete in each hole, then checked it with a level again. This was way easier than I expected!

Meanwhile, my dad started putting together my driveway gate. I bought the gate kit and cedar planks from Home Depot. Sunk another post and attached the other post to the house.
We still have to clear coat the gateway and stain the back fence. It rained on and off over the past week, so we had to postpone staining.

Iggy is so content with his new enclosed backyard. He sleeps on the driveway and plays in the lilies next to the garage.

Total Cost

6 sections of privacy fence
3 bags of concrete
6 posts
2 driveway kits
2 driveway latch kits
22 cedar planks
4 4x4 studs

By the way.....
I already broke the toilet seat this week....

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Kris Wales said...

I'm so glad you used cedar. It looks wonderful!

Coley said...

Thank you Kris. Cedar looks so much better than cheap-o privacy fencing.