Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Memorial Day

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My pup will be 2 years old this weekend. I feel guilty, I'm dumping him off at my mom's house. We are going to the property for the extended weekend. My mom and her dogs are staying home too. She said she is going to have a doggy birthday for him. She is so cute sometimes.
I started making my camping lists.
I have my grocery list started. I don't get paid til Friday, so I have to wait til the last minute. I'm planning on bring the last piece of venison back strap to cook on the grill.
Weekend Dinner Plans
(unless I catch a fish)
Friday: Hot dog/Sausage & chips
Saturday: Marinaded Venison kabobs & potato wedges
Sunday: Campfire stew & corn
Monday: Eat everything left over so I don't have to drive it back home

I'm still working on the same spinning project from Easter. I've spun also 2oz (superwash merino) on my spider spindle. My plans are to
finished the 2oz & ply. I also have these monkey socks in Tofutsi sock yarn. I've been referring to them as SeaMonkey Socks.

Yesterday Dick and I drove all the way to Cabales. It took us 2hrs to get down there. He bought his new reel. I got a great deal on some long johns 80% silk/20%wool. Originally $50, on sale $7.50. Dick also bought me a crayfish trap. I kinda have been obsessing about catching crayfish for about a month. I guess I'll have a perfect opportunity to test it out while we are shore fishing.

I cannot wait to get out of the city.

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Larjmarj said...

Have a fun weekend!

Cute pup.