Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weird Weekend

OK, so February is over. YAY! Looks like March might be coming in like a lamb. I hope so, I am pretty sick of Michigan winters right now. One day its 50 degrees, that night it is back down to 32.
Last Monday was my birthday. Dick and I went down to Belle Isle Conservatory. We also went over to Greektown to the casino, then over to Pizza Populis for dinner. I am so glad I took that day off work. It was so nice and sunny. This past Friday, I got another tattoo. Miranda and I drove to Swartz Creek to see Chris Hornus. I got my squid, I'm still pretty red today. Once the swelling and redness goes away, I can get a better picture of it.

Also, my mom just got home from Texas. She has been gone for about a month, taking care my grandparents. We picked her up from the airport Saturday afternoon. She somehow came home with this cute little thing. Her name is Mackenzie. She is 3 months old. She is used to 88 degree weather. So I started knitting her a little sweater as soon as we got home. I'm using my Lame Duck Mallard handspun. What a lucky little girl!
I really have been working on some stuff lately. I am still working on my vineyard sweater. I'm so close to finishing my second sleeve. I started a Noro Sock Clapotis, but I am stuck.


Twilight Organic Merino
154 yards Organic Merino
Spunky Fiber Club Jan 09'

I also finished my Mardi Gras socks.

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