Saturday, March 21, 2009

March sure did some in like a lion

I am so glad this month is almost over.

I got back into town last Friday. My grandpa passed the on the 8th.
I feel really good about everything. I drove my mom down to Austin in time for her to see her father before he passed. I did get to see him when he still knew who I was.

The second day we were in Austin. My mom and I were in a car accident. We are all OK. My grandma's car is trashed. My mom has whiplash and I bumped my head.

Skamar09 clue 2
A lot of knitting time in the waiting room. I started the Mystery Lace Sock Knit Along over on the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry. I am to the 3rd clue on both socks already. I really enjoyed this pattern. It kept me from thinking about what was going on.

I made my way to the knitting nest. I love the street they are on, Slaughter Lane. I bought my first skein of Malibrigo lace, a cute sock project bag ( red bandanna w/skulls) and a skein of pretty hand dyed superwash merino from Spinning Colors. I bought the "gingerbread" colorway. I think their tree's outside that are wrapped in yarn is so cool!!!

I am working on those Gingerbread sock obsessively. I picked out the Oblique Openwork pattern. I guess I have never offered to knit my favorite aunt in the world a pair of hand knits. She didn't actually come out and told me. She however bounced her foot up and down repeatedly while we are at the hospital. I was completely oblivious to her action. I know I'm a little slow, hehe. It works out good, her birthday is next Friday. I left the foot of the sock plain. Dick made a valid point, non hand knit sock wearers are not used to stuff on the top of their feet. See, I am clueless!


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