Friday, October 24, 2008


Is it bad that I love fall weather, but I have this terrible time adjusting to the darkness.
I'd rather just curl up on the couch and fall asleep at 6:30, than go out and do stuff.
I was good, I went to knitting on Wednesday. I only went to give lynn her bottle.
I know, I suck.... I'm still adjusting, damn it!
Anyhoo, I slumped a really pretty cobalt bottle for lynn. I've been procrastinating like crazy with that bottle.
This bottle was so pretty and I didn't want to screw it up.
Last week, I kiln washed my molds.
Friday afternoon, I slumped the bottle.
Saturday morning, I let Iggy outside to pee in the cold morning air.
I ran back up the stairs and before I jumped back in to my warm bed, I checked the kiln.
I peaked inside and pushed the glass a little.
I was so happy, it didn't stick to my mold, and the kiln wash didnt stick to the glass!!!!


Oh, on to knitting?

I ripped my handspun yoke sweater to the yoke. I want a long sleeved sweater. The gray I had leftover was not enough.
I also ripped the feather and fan scarf made in noro sock. Don't get me wrong, I loved that yarn/pattern combo, I really did!
I need the needles to finish the Nuclear Mittens. When I went back to work on it.. I forgot how I was doing the pattern.
I got 3 repeat in and realized I screwed up. Now the yarn is balled up and back in my stash. Maybe next time!

I'm still working on:

2on2circ. self-stripping knee socks. I'm just past midcalf..
Lacy Rib Shrug -------- 1/2 done!!!!!
I mended my grandma's broadripple socks. She tore a hole in the heel.
Gotta mail that to Texas, next week.

Spinning WIP
Silk hankies. So pretty!!!!!
Merino Hemp
Arcadia on my spindle
Seacell/Silk on my bfd spindle

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