Monday, April 14, 2008

Mug Cozy

Mug Cozy
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These weekends are ending too fast!!!

I forgot about this bridal shower I was supposed to go to on Sunday. My friend Cherie and I spent all Saturday afternoon shopping. My feet killed by 8:30pm. It was a pretty shower. It was themed in frogs. Cherie won the center piece. I got a little candle. Renee's wedding is sometime in July.

On to the knitting:

I made the Mug Cozy from that knitting daily e-mail. I used 70yards of 2ply targhee that I dyed and handspun. I really liked this pattern. I attempted to make another one but the yarn was too bulky and it make it too stiff. This pattern is awesome with little bits of handspun!

I finished all 12 repeats of my kiri shawl. I just need to do the edging this week and get it blocked. My kiri is already the size of my wingspan, not blocked. I'm pretty excited.

Dicky bought me new earrings on friday. They are 4g opal plugs. I saw some online eariler in the week. We went into a store on friday and I saw them in the case. I really wanted them. so cute! I'll try and get pictures of the new earrings I've aquired over the past month, since I stretched them to 4 guage. I have 2 more pairs coming in this week, rose quartz and metal stars.

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